F1 2010 tv style v1.0

After the long nonsense battle with rfcentral, they finally removed everything from dazor but never apologized for their mistake. Even tho it doesnt mean my stuff is going back on their site, specially since some parts of the site has become payed like simraceway. I’ve been using this tvstyle for awhile now and only a few ppl had the opportunity to use it, so now I’m releasing the v1.0 of the f1 2010 tv style following up the beta2.

pw: th4nku

ps: dont steal it

Prerequisites for F1 2009 tv style

ok, some think that it’s not clear how you install the f1 2009 style, so this post might clear some mind

-1st Framework: the plugin itself doesn’t need it, but the configuration application(s) does
Microsoft .NET Framework Version 2.0

-2nd install tvstyle display plugin v0.91 by the italian factory(here’s a gift as you would have to install 0.90 then after 0.91 update)
tv style display plugin v0.91 full*:

-3rd : then install the F1 2009 tv style
if you had to read this, you wanna download the .exe installer witch you will install in your rfactor directory

other usefull infos:
tvstyleconfig is located in you rfactor\Plugins\TVSTYLE folder
there is a mod selector button at the top right of the application

you click it and associate mods with tvstyles ether mod by mod or/and there’s the default value that is gonna be the selected mod where you left blanks in the mod by mod selection

don’t forget to click save before closing the window

VISTA/se7en USERS run rfactor as administrator(right click on rfactor’s icon and select run as administrator)
permanent run as administrator
in the properties of the rfactor’s icon

(sorry my windows is all in french)

If the TV-STYLE flash during the overlay:
PRESS CTRL+F to view the FPS, It can solve the problem.

CLEAR PLR.(create new user into rfactor)
If you have special characters(ex *) in your username that might cause a problem

WORK on Rfactor v1250 and above

With my configuration application(located in rFactor\Plugins\TVSTYLE\F1_2k9prunn\f1_2009config.exe) I wanted to simplify the use of tvstyleconfig but you can’t select the tvstyles mod by mod it only overwrites the default option

all of these infos were in the read me files and descriptions of downloads

*I rebuilded the installer of the tvstyle plugin to make it easier for people but I am not the original author of the plugin

if you really don’t want to install framework go to your rFactor\Plugins\TVSTYLE folder open the file default.tv with notepad and write there the name of the folder you wanna use for exemple for f1 2009 it would be : F1_2k9prunn save as and overwrite it with this save as
no spaces no return, only the name
but you are still better installing framework if you’re lost in there