rFdynhud projects discontinued…

As of now, since I’ve wasted a lot of time testing it for myself and finding out why the plugin will never work on rfactor2, I am discontinuing all projects related to rfdynhud as of now

This is sad because I’ve put so many hours in this project and it’s all gone
I pushed java7 support to the github while I was looking in the code, so CTDP might release the update

Last update on V8 supercars 2013:
V8 Supercar 2013 v0.81


V8 supercars 2013 and F1 2011 have also been pushed to github

V8 Supercars 2013 v0.800

Released v0.8

Like I said I don’t have much time to develop the 2d graphics so they aren’t at their best
infos: to get the car brand image ingame the manufacturer name of the car’s veh must match a .png file located in the Manufacturer folder (non case sensitive)
.veh: Manufacturer=”Nissan”


Announcement :: Source Code Available

As Asseto Corsa has proven to be the next big thing and rfactor2 not showing much progress, I’ve decided to go Open Source like CTDP did, rfdynhud is pretty useless in AC as something similar and easier to work with is already embedded into the game. So the source code for the widgets I designed are now starting to be available on github. I uploaded those who have been released… and don’t have any updates planned. You are allowed to modify them as you want as long as you redistribute them for free.
At the moment these are:
-DTM 2011
-F1 2009
-Porsche Supercup
-V8 supercars


I included the whole eclipse workspaces, so all you need to do is correctly point the rfdynhud.jar on your computer

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