Released :: RfDynHud for RF2 – Widget sets all

So here are my widgets set for Rfactor2

-there is a bug that yellow flags are always  on at the moment so I made a package with them disabled, so when they are fixed use the second one

Without yellow flags on timer

With yellow flags on timer (probably for later)

java 32 bits
rfdynhud latest (follow instructions for rf2 installation)

Big thanks to CTDP

My day with Rfactor2

First thing I get a message that my online licence will expire…
I never knew what the online licence mean, most online services, updates except multiplayer are always broken…
I NEVER EVER GOT any communication what so ever that the product was out of beta and the 1 year licence countdown had started…

Now lets update the game
Update procedure has detected and error and stopped – wtf? in what language is that?
now the game wont start(a dll is missing), I need to redownload and reinstall the whole thing…
now chrome has blocked the download because it’s tagged as malicious software…
after that I’m getting : core component Location Common… is missing,invalid or damaged please reinstall rfactor2
after making it work… all of my settings are gone
finally after a couple of lap where the cars were flipping a lot for no reason, and no tire grip feeling
I decided to end the day there


you want my money, work for it
stop making me work for you

rFdynhud projects discontinued…

As of now, since I’ve wasted a lot of time testing it for myself and finding out why the plugin will never work on rfactor2, I am discontinuing all projects related to rfdynhud as of now

This is sad because I’ve put so many hours in this project and it’s all gone
I pushed java7 support to the github while I was looking in the code, so CTDP might release the update

Last update on V8 supercars 2013:
V8 Supercar 2013 v0.81

V8 supercars 2013 and F1 2011 have also been pushed to github