My day with Rfactor2

First thing I get a message that my online licence will expire…
I never knew what the online licence mean, most online services, updates except multiplayer are always broken…
I NEVER EVER GOT any communication what so ever that the product was out of beta and the 1 year licence countdown had started…

Now lets update the game
Update procedure has detected and error and stopped – wtf? in what language is that?
now the game wont start(a dll is missing), I need to redownload and reinstall the whole thing…
now chrome has blocked the download because it’s tagged as malicious software…
after that I’m getting : core component Location Common… is missing,invalid or damaged please reinstall rfactor2
after making it work… all of my settings are gone
finally after a couple of lap where the cars were flipping a lot for no reason, and no tire grip feeling
I decided to end the day there


you want my money, work for it
stop making me work for you

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