F1 2010 tv style v1.0

After the long nonsense battle with rfcentral, they finally removed everything from dazor but never apologized for their mistake. Even tho it doesnt mean my stuff is going back on their site, specially since some parts of the site has become payed like simraceway. I’ve been using this tvstyle for awhile now and only a few ppl had the opportunity to use it, so now I’m releasing the v1.0 of the f1 2010 tv style following up the beta2.

pw: th4nku

ps: dont steal it

4 thoughts on “F1 2010 tv style v1.0

  1. Nice to see the Tvstyle finalised, and that you finally got some closure with regards to dazors work.

    One thing i would say tho, is I prefered your original releases scale as the rev counter etc was smaller onscreen than this 1.0 version.

  2. Nice to see you patching again,nice tv style,but one thing I dislike that.Your tv style nice but maybe can you make in your this version of tv style everything smaller like in tv style beta 2.

    Thanks sorry for my bad English i am from Lithuanian.

  3. Prunn its perfect again 🙂
    So much thanks!

    Keep care, and i hope too see more of you!


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