2 thoughts on “WIP WTCC

  1. Hey,Prunn!
    Looks great!
    I use every style that you made!
    I’m looking forward to seeing your New TV-Style!

    By the way,I have CCWS 2007 Style.
    But standings aren’t scrolled.
    can you make CCWS Style that standings are scrolled like this??
    and I want CCWS 2006 Style

    in F1 Style, When we cross start&finish line in race, Tower Standings are displayed.
    But I don’t like Tower standings.
    I want to show Bottom standings (Alt+z) automatically.
    do you know how to do this?

  2. it’s impossible at the moment to make the nascar style tvstyle to get to scroll. maybe it’s in future dĂ©veloppements on the plugin itself by dinix
    for f1 see this thread if you want it not to show any tower
    I should add it to this site

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